Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More students!

It's been a while since I updated this blog!! We've had a very, fun, busy summer going to lots of festivals and enjoying ourselves.

Here are some more pictures of some of our students, this is Sakura and Saki, they are Link's youngest students and always have fun studying English together!

We usually play games, learn new words and have lots of fun together.

Thank you for always being such great students Saki and Sakura!!


Thursday, 8 July 2010


Yesterday, July 7th, was Tanabata. Tanabata is a celebration in Japan where you write a wish and hang it on a bamboo tree so it will come true. We don't have a bamboo tree at Link, but we do have a tree, so I hope our wishes will come true! We wrote our wishes in English and decorated them, it was so fun! I wished for my family and friends to be happy and safe, and also that I wanted to go to Disney sea!!! Here are some of our students with their wishes!

This is Mikoto, we made a Tanabata wish together, she wishes she can become good at English! Nice wish Mikoto!

Next is Yukie! She made a wish that she wants become a famous pianist, good luck Yukie,, you can do it!

Next is Nagisa, she wished to live a long life, I hope so too Nagisa!!

Making Tanabata wishes was so much fun, I love Tanabata! What's your wish??

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some of our students!

These are some of our lovely students!

This is Haruka and Riho, they are Junior High school students and they are trying so hard to get good at English, we have lots of fun!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Welcome to the first blog post from LINK English school!

My name is Corinne, nice to meet you!

I work at Link English school, along with my husband Ryota and my mother-in-law, Yuki.

This blog is for students at Link and for anyone in general who would like to read more about what we do.

We run classes for students of all ages, from 2 years old to 100 years old!

At the moment, we have a lot of elementary school students taking lessons in the afternoon, some adult classes in the mornings, and also some Junior high school students taking classes in the evening.

I will take some photos of the students having fun learning English and post them on this blog soon!

I am looking forward to seeing you at link English school soon!

This is me and my son, Ashton!